The Olfattorio is a haven of scents on the upper floor of the shop. It’s where the alchemist perfume-maker Baldo Baldini has been hard at work to create the largest known aroma data bank.

It’s where he crafts the secret recipes of the vermut, aromatic wines and liquors he makes exclusively for Tenuta Saiano.

In this little hidden corner you’ll find thousands of aromas, fragrances, perfumes and scents from all over the world made from every possible substance – all of which we proudly watch over.

Without noticing, you might find yourself remembering a day in May, or a postcard that was never sent that smells of roses, cinnamon or some other alchemic concoction that turns into liquid delight…

Our Vermouths:


Arrangiato is an aromatic red aperitif wine made from a secret recipe invented by the alchemist-cum-perfume specialist Baldo Baldini for Tenuta Saiano.

It’s a “symphonic” elaboration of our Saiano wine (Merlot, Cabernet, Sangiovese) with orange zest and aromatic herbs.  Together, they offer a delightful fragrant bouquet that is perfect as a aperitif, at the end of a meal or simply for sipping when deep in thought. It can be enjoyed mixed or by itself.

It’s an original and natural product.


Dry Vermouth – the white aperitif

From aperitif to a sumptuous leisure drink… a timeless delight. It’s an elixir from the past. It’s vaguely reminiscent of the old medicinal wines of the early 1900s that marked the first cocktails of XX century Italy. It’s a precious essence of citrus with spices and essential oils from all over the world, and it comes from a secret recipe created by Tenuta Saiano. The past and the future come together with every sip. It’s all concentrated in an elegant swirl. This vermouth is an homage to Clement XIV, the pope from Santarcangelo who, following his physician’s advice, spent his time playing billiards and going riding in his time off.


Red Vermouth – the retro aperitif for every day enjoyment

Demos is a liquid version of time, a concentrate of dim memories. A red Vermouth with a noble body that is just shy of serious. It is graced with an aromatic bouquet in which absinthe, rhubarb and cinnamon join together to create a truly remarkable essence. Its preparation requires the luxury of time, you need to understand the fine art of infusing aromas in alcohol to create just the right balance which is then blended with red Saiano wine (Merlot, Cabernet, Sangiovese). Some of the aromatic herbs are actually put directly into the wine. Ageing takes place first in small steel tanks, then in the bottle.

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